For an unforgettable wedding celebration Akra offers you a variety of area and concept halls. Providing 9 separate options for weddings, any of which you can choose depending on the number of guests, we attach special value and chic to this special evening. While you and your guests are enjoying a wonderful evening, a professional team of Akra employees will take care of the impeccable organization of the holiday. Especially for celebrations with a large number of guests we offer 4 distinct from each other in conceptual design of the hall: “Banquet Hall Side”, “Banquet Hall Athena”, “Garden” or “By the pool”. For a more modest but no less luxurious wedding, the halls “Ladin”, “Palmiye”, “Sedir”, “Penthouse Teras” or “Asmani” restaurant will open their doors for you.


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Offering distinct rooms from each other according to the concept of the premises, Akra Hotel gives you the opportunity to hold a celebration in honor of the engagement exactly the way you dreamed. The friendly and highly qualified staff at the Akra Hotel, with a professional approach to service, will organize and hold a magnificent celebration for you, and you will only have to enjoy the magic of this special day. In 9 different rooms, any of which you can choose depending on the number of guests, we offer you a wide range of engagement options. In these luxurious halls, combining a view of the Beidag mountains and the blue of the Mediterranean Sea, you will have an unforgettable impression of an impeccable celebration.




For the celebration of the registration of marriage, Akra Hotel offers 9 halls, decorated and arranged in different concepts from simple and stylish to majestic and luxurious. A friendly, professional and knowledgeable team will plan the organization of the celebration to the smallest detail, and you will only have to enjoy this happy day. At the Hotel Akra with the concept of Urban Social we offer you and your guests a unique opportunity to enjoy unforgettable impressions.


We will transform the alternative living spaces of our hotel into a place where you and your large families will feel at home. Especially for celebrations devoted to traditional matchmaking, which is the beginning of a long path of happiness and prosperity, our hotel offers a choice of several rooms. A qualified team organizes and conducts everything at the highest level, while you will receive your guests practically at home.

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Offering brides for the organization of a hen party (henna night) to choose from several indoor and outdoor options, we actually suggest that you spend an unforgettable evening filled with magic and special meaning. In full accordance with the number of guests and the chosen holiday concept at the Akra Hotel, you will be picked up for one of 9 different in terms of concept and square of halls. Friendly and hospitable staff will do everything to make this night of henna special. You will only have fun.

Akra Urban Social With the concept of Urban Social, give your guests a sense of comfort and luxury at the Akra Hotel



What do you say about a fun party of farewell to bachelorhood?
Hotel Akra with 9 different rooms, any of which you can choose depending on the number of guests, will definitely become the venue for the coolest stag party for you and your friends. An energetic team of employees who throughout the whole stag party will be nearby and ready to help in any matter will make the party’s impressions even more vivid and memorable.

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Hotel Akra will organize and hold an unforgettable celebration dedicated to circumcision, which the young man of your family will surely like on this special day for him. Akra Urban Social The professional team of the Akra hotel, which knows its business well, will accompany you throughout the process of organizing and hosting this celebration as part of the Urban Social concept, which will surely present your guests with even more pleasant impressions and emotions. Hotel Akra is waiting for you and offers you 9 different rooms, any of which you can choose depending on the number of guests. In order to order the organization and holding of one of the most important holidays in your child’s life, contact our staff.



A unique and memorable birthday can be celebrated as part of the Urban Social concept in the Pablito bistro and the Akman’s Asmani restaurant. Bistro Pablito is an ideal choice for celebrating a birthday in Antalya. Restaurant Asmani, while located on the terrace on the top floor of the hotel, will present you with a very special, incomparable celebration with a view of the greatness of the Beidag mountains next to the incomparable blue of the Mediterranean Sea . Here you will find a unique opportunity to touch the life of your loved ones in a new way with luxury and chic.

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Akra Hotel welcomes guests at the promenade, organized in one of the spacious and comfortable rooms with the assistance of a professional team of specialists. Celebrate your graduation party with the Urban Social concept of the Akra hotel. An energetic, elegant and exclusive graduation ball in one of 9 different in area and decoration halls … A team of professionals who can realize all your dreams in life, in full accordance with your wishes will help to choose the most suitable for the celebration room. Hotel Akra with exquisite tastes, bright aromas and pleasant sounds will magically touch the hearts of the guests. For the joint organization of the most special graduation ball, contact our specialists.



The “BabyShower” holiday at the Akra Hotel is something very special! In our rooms with a view of the mountains of Beydag and the Mediterranean Sea you will find an unforgettable atmosphere. Hotel Akra will provide at your disposal all the facilities for organizing an impeccable holiday, the joy of which you can share with your guests.

For the most long-awaited and special gift…

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