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Unforgettable Weddings at Akra.
With a range of sizes and concepts, Akra has the perfect venue for your most special evening. And, while you and your guests relax and enjoy a magnificent night, the professional Akra team ensures that your event is flawless.
For larger weddings, you may choose the Side Ballroom, the Athena Ballroom, the Garden or Poolside – customized for your own concept. More intimate receptions may be held in alternatives such as the Ladin Room, the Palm Room, the Cedar Room, the Penthouse Terrace, or at the Asmani Restaurant.
Our motto is always ‘more feeling and more experience’. We strive to touch the lives of our guests by offering top experiences and transforming dreams into realities. Akra – for an unforgettable wedding…
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A special experience
The engagement party of your dreams awaits you at Akra. Akra is the architect of happiness during this special evening for couples and families as they become united. While Akra’s professional team prepares the perfect celebration according to your concept, all you are required to do is enjoy this special day. Nine different venue options, depending on the number of your guests, offer a wide range of engagement party options. A memorable event awaits you, in venues featuring unique views over the Bey Mountains or the Mediterranean Sea. Our motto is always ‘more feeling and more experience’. We strive to touch the lives of our guests by offering top experiences and transforming dreams into realities. More flavour, a better smell and a beautiful sound experience that reflect the Urban Social concept are just a few of the reasons that Akra is the perfect choice for your engagement celebration.


Akra’da nikah törenleriniz için isteğinize göre sade veya görkemli konseptlerle dekore edilen 9 farklı mekan bulunmaktadır. Güler yüzlü ve işinin profesyoneli ekibimizle en ince ayrıntısına kadar, nikah organizasyonunuzun planlamasını yapıyoruz, size sadece bu mutlu günün keyfini çıkarmak kalıyor.
Akra Urban Social konseptiyle sizlere ve misafirlerinize daha fazla deneyim fırsatı sunuyoruz.


Büyük ailelere, alternatif olarak otelimizin yaşam alanlarını, sizin kendi eviniz gibi kullanabileceğiniz alanlara dönüştürüyoruz. Mutlu bir yolun başlangıcı olan kız isteme törenleri için otelimizin salonlarını tercih edebilirsiniz. Mükemmel bir ekip, siz ev sahipliği yaparken, arka planda çalışıyor olacak.

Ev Konforunda Özel Davetler

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kına gecesi


Host the most memorable bride’s henna night! With a selection of nine different rooms, and indoor and outdoor options, we add value and professionalism to your henna night and the concept of your choice. All you need to do is have more fun!

Let your guests experience comfort and elegance withAkra Urban Social concept.


There are nine different venues at Akra, and the one you choose can be decorated as grandly or as simply as you wish for your wedding celebration. We plan a flawless event for your most special day, with our skilled team taking care of even the smallest details. Your only requirement is to enjoy this special day.
We offer you and your guests a top wedding experience with Akra’s Urban Social concept.

bekarlığa veda partisi


Akra organises a memorable day for the little gentleman in your family. Our professional team guides you in planning and executing this special night, where you will be able to offer more feeling and more experience to your guests with Akra’s Urban Social concept.
Akra awaits you with nine different venue options, depending on the number of your guests and the concept. Please contact our team for more information on planning one of the most important events in your son’s life.


The Akra Urban Social concept is perfect for a unique birthday party at Pablito Bistro or Asmani Restaurant. Celebrate your loved ones in style!
For a fun, casual celebration, Pablito Bistro is a stylish centre of attention. Together with our approachable team, you’ll enjoy the best in food, drinks and music!

Birthdays are even more special at Asmani Restaurant’s roof terrace, overlooking the Bey Mountains and the unique blue of the Mediterranean. Enjoy an elegant celebration of your loved one with a special event guided by Akra’s professional team.
Elegant celebrations by the Bey Mountains and the Mediterranean.

doğum günü

mezuniyet balosu


Akra hosts graduation parties under the guidance of its professional team, in large and comfortable venues.
Crown your graduation ball with the Akra Urban Social concept – a high-calibre, elegant graduation ball in one of nine venue options. Our team will help you select the venue most suitable for your event, and turn your dream into reality.
The Urban Social concept is a journey of more feeling and more experience. Akra touches the life of each guest by offering better tastes, better aromas, and a higher quality sound experience. Please contact our team to organise your special graduation ball.


Baby showers are even more delightful at Akra. We host memorable events in venues that feature views of the Mediterranean Sea and the Bey Mountains. Akra awaits you with a professional team and a wealth of resources – so you can share more with your loved ones during your most special celebrations.

For the best gift you’ll ever expect…

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