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In any case of an error related to the published and offered services in the website, Akra has the right to decline or cancel a service which is booked or pledged. Akra has the claim to decline or cancel any reservation/order completely or partially whether the service paid for or not.

These terms and conditions are valid for the entrance and usage time for the website. Any of these terms and conditions can be changed at any time, for any cause and without giving notice.

This site can collect personal information about you, withhold them and share them with the other websites within the Akra Group. This information can be shared in the event of a request from Administrative Agencies, Courts, Law Enforcers, similar legal and administrative authorities or agencies.

Akra cannot give the assurance for security of the personal or other information or stealing of information by the third parties caused by the website usage and interaction; because of the fact that the online interaction may have security problems.

Akra is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage that can occur due to the website entrance, the use of information or other data, program etc. from the site, breach of agreement, tortious act, or in regard to any other reason. Akra refuses responsibility for a cut during an operation, an error or an omission that may be caused by breach of contract, tortious act, omission or any other reason. It is accepted that Akra is exempted from any kind of responsibility; court, lawyer and other fees; any kind of damage or right to claim, that may be in connection with Akra’s usage/visit or entry to the other linked websites. Akra in any circumstances, is not responsible for profit loss, compensation expense, direct, indirect, accidental, private and penal loss that may occur due to the use or nonuse of website or website services, accessing or not being able access to the website, trusting the services, content or materials of the website, obtained or unobtained services or information; whether the prior knowledge is given or not, Akra is not responsible for data or profit loss and any other obligation theory (including omission). Akrahotels.com is not obligated to update the website or content.

Akrahotels.com does not make a commitment for the accuracy, reliability and usefulness of the Akrahotels.com website’s or any other linked services’ contents or materials. All the risks of using the website belong to the user. Akrahotels.com does not guarantee that the services within the website, contents, materials or functions are going to be perpetual, usable, nonstop, errorless; that the errors are going be fixed or services, contents, materials and servers will always be virus-free. The user accepts the cost of any necessary service, reparation or fixing in advance. Akrahotels.com never guarantees your satisfaction of the products and services purchased from the website or via the website. Akra does not make a commitment or guarantee the safety of the information that will requested by the third parties (means of payment, other personal information and more). The user renounces any debt concerning third party content with this contract. Akra always has the right to decline serving the user, abolish the accounts, creating or organizing context or canceling the orders. Akrahotels.com does not estipulate the safety and privacy of the communication and information within the website. User renounces their jurisdiction for any lawsuit or trial about any matter concerning the website use.

Akrahotels.com may offer chance to purchase different kinds products and service on the website. User needs to give the correct, credible and complete necessary personal information (name, surname, telephone number, credit card information, e-mail address and address) to order/book/purchase any product or service on the website. In the event of an error on the price list or wrong indication of the price of a product or service Akra always has the claim to cancel the service, refuse and reject. Akra can change the prices of the products and services, retrieve or cancel them unilaterally and without any justification in case of the products and services on the website being available or limited by reservations. User cannot make any claim on this subject.

These terms are subject to the Turkish Law. Any disputes concerning the validity and existence of these terms of use or any other matter concerning the website use will be settled in the Antalya courts and enforcement offices according the Turkish Law.

If any provision of these terms of use is decided to be invalid or inapplicable, the part that is invalid or inapplicable will be replaced with the closest one to the main provision’s aim which is valid and applicable, and the rest of the terms will remain in force.

Situations such as natural disasters, riots, wars, strikes, communicational and technical problems, infrastructure and internet breakdowns, power cuts and inclement weather conditions will be accepted as compelling reasons.

Abeyance of a part of these terms of conditions by Akra, does not mean that Akra has renounced its rights to apply these terms for any past or future act. These terms of conditions are an agreement between Akra and the user and they include 14 items. All rights belong to Akra.