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Akra Talks


DATE : 23 November 2019
LOCATION : Akra Hotels

Followed up admiringly since the very first day, Akra Talks hosted Geveze, one of the most successful radio programmers of Turkey, in its 46th program. During the talk held at Akra Urban Social Lounge, Geveze started his words saying that "If you can answer the question 'why' for any things you encounter in your daily life, it is highly important." Stating that the most important question of life is "Why?", Geveze said: "Make sure that the things, you think right, might sometimes turn out to be not so right. Because we don't read and research. Why? Because we already know it very well. Like the case with the Great Wall of China which is said to have been built against Turks, but which was, in fact, built to prevent the Chinese people from leaving their countries."