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Akra Talks

Nasuh Mahruki

DATE : 17 July 2019
LOCATION : Akra Hotels

Drawing a great deal of attention since the very first day, Akra Talks hosted Nasuh Mahruki, the legendary mountain climber who was granted with the title of Snow Leopard by the Russian Mountaineering Federation upon completion of the ascents of 5 seven thousand meter peaks of the Soviet Asia, on the 42nd program. During the talk at Akra Urban Social Lounge, Nasuh Mahruki shared his unique experiences with the people of Antalya and the guests of Akra. Expressing that his most challenging climbing experience was the K2 Mountain throughout his professional mountain climbing career, Mr. Mahruki said the K2 Mountain, with a height of 8 thousand 611 meters on the border of Pakistan - China, is the second highest mountain around the world. Mr. Mahruki continued his words: "I really enjoyed being on the K2 at that time. For me, this was a highly special target that I had been dreaming for many years. Climbing was too exciting but dangerous." He also said that K2 Mountain has many critical objective dangers, and that one of every 3 persons, trying to reach its peak, died on the way to the peak, and also that one of every 8 persons, succeeding to reach its peak, couldn't return back to their homes.