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Akra Talks

Photography Workshop

DATE : 19 April 2019
LOCATION : Akra Hotels

 Akra Talks continue at full steam ahead. Appearing as a guest on Akra Talks as part of the "Photography Workshop hosted by Barut Hotels at Barut Lara, the photograph artists Mehmet Ozcan, Gulay Dogan and Semra Halipoglu enlivened our program with their talks on art. During the event held at Akra Urban Social Lounge under the moderation by the graphic artist Hakan Kurklu, we had a pleasant talk over the past and present of the photography art. Emphasizing that having the trust in, and standing behind the work is highly important in the photography art, Semra Halipoglu said: "We are living in the Internet age, and the portfolios are now reaching everywhere, which mostly makes people think that they would not be the chosen one." Ms. Halipoglu continues her words: "I'm following both analog and digital periods. Considering from this point of view, everything is so easy for students, which makes them to get in the mood of expecting everything to fall into their laps."