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What's in the city?

Akra Gran Fondo Antalya Bicycle Race was held.

The Winners of AKRA Gran Fondo Antalya powered by AG Tohum 2020 Are Determined

The competition on the long race track of 97 km and short race track of 61 km was breathtaking. Gokhan Uzuntas ranked first in general classification in the long race track, while Sera Sayar was the female winner in the same race track. Emirhan Bulu was the champion in general classification in the short race track of 61km, while Keziban Koyun was the winner in women's category in the same race track.

Andrea Tafi, the legendary cyclist who has participated in important races such as Cycling Tour of France, Cycling Tour of Italy and Cycling Tour of Spain and raced for a total of 19 times, ranked fifth in the long race track with 2 hours, 30 minutes and 17 seconds, and first in his age group.

Awareness-Raising Cycling to "Stop Violence Against Women" Attracted Great Attention of Public

Held under the leadership of the Governorship of Antalya and supported by mayors, NGOs with opinion leadership and the Mediterranean Association of Advertising Agencies, Awareness-Raising Cycling to Stop Violence Against Women attracted great attention of public.

Started by Munir Karaloglu, the Governor of Antalya, the event broke the grounds. Everyone, who participated in the awareness-raising cycling, became a part of the motto “When there is woman, there is life”, and supported sharing of the following messages.

“No Women No Equality”

“No Women No Beauty”

“No Women No Peace”

In addition, the people of Antalya had a pleasant day in the fair and event venue set for Akra Gran Fondo Antalya powered by AG Tohum.

AKRA Gran Fondo Antalya powered by AG Tohum will enable amateur cyclists to experience the same ambiance with professional cyclists who participated in the Tour of Antalya once again in 2021.