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Akra Jazz - Dany Brillant


Akra Jazz - Dany Brillant

Date : 12 May 2018
Location : AKRA HOTELS

Bringing world-famous figures of jazz and classical music together with Antalya, Antalya Akra Jazz Festival ended with an amazing concert. Staged with modern and classical jazz as well as a colorful range of music that blended the jazz music with funk, rock, latin, soul and electronic music and held between May 2-12 in Akra Hotels, the festival ended with the concert of Dany Brilliant, the French singer. Brillant performed an unforgettable concert for the audience by the French songs dominated by latin, salsa, swing and jazz melodies, as well as nostalgic songs. Neset Ruacan, one of the leading musicians of Turkey, and Akra Jazz Band also took the stage at the concert.

Stating that it was his first time in Antalya and that he really liked the city, Dany Brillant said: ”You are Mediterranean and romantic people. The atmosphere here is wonderful. I hope that you will like the songs I will sing tonight. Please sing along with me.”The audience experienced a wonderful night by the energy and dances of Brilliant in the concert held at the yard of Akra Hotels. Late in the night, the concert witnessed colorful and fun moments, when the singer invited the audience to the stage and danced with a group of audience.