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Akra Jazz - Fazıl Say


Akra Jazz - Fazıl Say

Date : 09 May 2018
Location : Akra Hotels

Fazil Say, the globally-known pianist and composer, gave a concert during Antalya Akra Jazz Festival staged for the first time this year in Antalya. During the concert, Fazil Say performed "Ilk Sarkilar" (First Songs), the first album to consist of the songs he composed on the texts by the most famous poets of the Turkish literature

Fazil Say and the soloist Serenad Bagcan shared the same stage during the first half of the concert. Grabbing a great deal of attention and applauded for a long time by the audience, Fazil Say said: "I'm so happy to see such a crowded audience here tonight. I hope Akra Jazz Festival will be maintained for long years.”

Audience stunned byGuz Sarkilari

During the second half of the concert, songs were played from Fazil Say's latest album "Guz Sarkilari". Ece Dagistan, playing the piano, turned all heads with her incredible performance in the concert where the songs were played for the first time to the audience. While the soloist Guvenc Dagustun got credits, many talented performers such as Ediz Hafizoglu (drums), Volkan Hursever (bass guitar), Gurtug Gok (altosax), Derya Turkan (kemancha) and Hakan Gungor (qanun) appeared on the stage. Playing the songs composed by Fazil Say on such well-known poems as "Yesilmisik", "Usulcana", "Zambakli Padisah", "Guz", "Akrep Gibisin", and "Adim Sonbahar", the performers won a great deal of recognition after they made the first performance of these songs on the stage.