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Akra Jazz - Yasmin Levy


Akra Jazz - Yasmin Levy

Date : 02 May 2018
Location : AKRA HOTELS

Bringing world-famous figures of jazz and classical music together with Antalya, Akra Jazz Festival started off with the concert of Yasmin Levy. Taking the audience to a journey on a wide geography from Spanish songs to Sephardic music, Yasmin Levy evoked admiration by her stunning voice and attracted a great attention by her performance on the stage.

On the concert night, trumpet player Imer Demirer and saxophonist Serhan Erkol, two of the leading musicians of Turkey, also took the stage with Akra Jazz Band.

Stating that she feels like she is at home every time she comes to Turkey, Yasmin Levy said; “This is the first time I give a concert in such a place on the coast of Mediterranean Sea. This was really a very exciting experience for me. And the energy tonight was different. I experienced one of the most important nights of my life. The audience was very warm.“