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The 251 Soul Bar

Enjoy an unforgettable night at a place where you can listen to live jazz, blues and soul music.
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Taking its name from the chord sequence 2-5-1, which is one of the most important building blocks of Jazz, Soul, Funk, R&B and Latin music, The 251 Soul serves as the jazz bar in Antalya. Many important local and foreign musicians take the stage at The 251 Soul, the new meeting point of music lovers in Antalya with its stylish decoration and world-class acoustic design. Enjoy the unique music feast with innovative world music including Jazz, Blues, Funk and Soul in the bar serving six days of week.

You can prepare delicious cocktails appealing to your taste buds in The 251 Soul that offers a rich bar menu as well as cocktails with special recipes prepared by natural ingredients. Delightful drinks consisting of barrel aged cocktails wait for you in the bar where you can also test your skills on Mixology. Barrel aged cocktails, which are prepared, smoked and let to age in in the oak barrel until a good flavor is obtained, will offer you a special experience. In addition, infusion drinks, where suitable fruits are let to sit in a high-alcohol drink and the fruit flavor leaves a distinct taste in the alcohol, will be accompanied by charming melodies.

Service Hours

5:00 PM - 01:00 AM

The 251 Soul services will continue to be used only by our guests who are accommodating at Akra Hotels.


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