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TheLifeCo Detox Program

With the opportunity of accommodation in Akra, The Lifeco offers the Detox or Nutrition Program that suits you best.
TheLifeCo Detox Program

TheLifeCo Akra Antalya offers you a variety of Detox and Healthy Nutrition Programs to cleanse, nourish and alkalize your body, with the opportunity to stay in the 5* Akra Hotel. When you reach our facility(center), after the precise control, measurement and consultation with your doctor and your program coordinator, the most suitable Detox or Nutrition Program will be determined specifically to your needs and wishes.


- Master Detox Program

- Green Juice Detox Program

- Green Salad Detox Program

- Intermittent Fasting Program

- Water Fasting Program

- Ketogenic Nutrition Program

- Low-Calorie Nutrition Program


Therapy and Services Included in the Program

* The hours and service locations of the programs may change or be cancelled depending on the weather conditions.

Akra Offers Gastronomy 2



Which airport should I choose when organizing my flight?

-Please prefer Antalya (AYT) International Airport. The distance from the airport to the center is 16 km, with 20 minutes by car.

How can I get to TheLifeCo Wellbeing AKRA Antalya from the airport?

If you wish for an airport-facility transfer, please inform our team in line with your request so that it can be arranged pre-arrival.

How will I meet you at the airport?

Firstly, when leaving the airport, make sure you use the correct gate. Do not use the "domestic lines" exit; make sure that the gate you exit from on your international flights is the "international exit" door. If you wait at the right door, a representative from TheLifeCo Wellbeing Akra Antalya will be waiting for you with a card with your name and flight information on it.

What is the weather like in Antalya?

Antalya has mild weather conditions throughout the year. From May to September, hot weather prevails. Especially in June, July and September are drier and hotter than usual. On average, August is when the temperature is the highest, and January is the coolest period.

Considering the weather conditions, what kind of activities can I participate in?

You can participate in swimming (sea/pool), water sports, climbing, yoga-meditation-pilates, breathing therapies, nature walks, talks on healthy living, city tours, fitness, infrared sauna, steam room, SPA in every season.

Can I rent a car or motorbike?

Yes, of course. There are many car/motorcycle rental companies that you can rent in this area. Do not forget to bring your international driver's license/license with you.

How far is the sea from the facility?

With its seaside location, you can easily reach the beach at TheLifeCo Wellbeing Akra Antalya, which is a 2-minute walk away.


How many different types of rooms does TheLifeCo Wellbeing Akra Antalya have?

TheLifeCo Wellbeing Akra Antalya welcomes its guests with six different rooms. You can choose rooms as Standard Rooms (30m2) with sea or city view, Mediterranean Suite (65m2), Infinity Suite (90m2), Ocean Suite (135m2), and Panorama Suite (210m2).

What are the features of the rooms at TheLifeCo Wellbeing Akra Antalya?

Each room has a TV, DVD player, safe box, hairdryer, kettle, air conditioning, and high-speed Wi-Fi internet connection.

Is there a pool at TheLifeCo Wellbeing Akra Antalya?

Yes, indoor and outdoor pool options are available. There are 4 outdoor pools, including 1 Olympic swimming pool, 1 children's pool (6m2), 2 indoor pools, 2 swimming pools (392m2 and 84m2), 1 infinity pool (331m2), and 1 children's pool (38m2). Outdoor pools are suitable for swimming in terms of heat during the winter season. At TheLifeCo Wellbeing Akra Antalya, you will have enough time every day to swim in the sea, indoor or outdoor pool with warm weather conditions in all seasons. Since all activities and participation in conversations are optional according to your wishes, you can spend your time relaxing by the pool or by the sea as you wish.

Do you have a laundry service?

Yes, to benefit from this service, you can check the price information available in your room.

Will I have enough free time to visit Antalya and its surroundings?

There is enough free time in your program to join excursions and tours whenever you wish. If you have made or want to make a particular plan, we can organize your daily schedule. You can contact the reception to get detailed information about all activities, tours, and places to visit.

Only I will be participating in the program. Can I still come with my family?

TheLifeCo Wellbeing Akra Antalya suites are ideal for families. Other family members are not obliged to participate in the program. Other family members can take a vacation while applying for your detox program by using the hotel services.

Can I bring my pet?

We care about the comfort of all our guests, and we cannot accept our pet friends in our centers. Pets are only allowed at Akra V Hotel.

Why should I detox?

Detox is essential in today's modern living conditions and is necessary to apply at least twice a year to get rid of toxins accumulated in our body due to polluted air, stress, inactivity, consumed processed foods, and many other reasons. It can help age slower and healthier, get rid of excess weight, become more energetic, get healthy and glowing skin, strengthen your immune system, and protect yourself from chronic diseases.

How many days should I do the program? Is the number of days important in my program choice?

We recommend attending the programs for at least 3-4 days to get effective results, ideally 10 days.

What is included in my program? Does my program include any therapy or practice? What are the extra and paid services I can get?

All programs at TheLifeCo Wellbeing Akra Antalya; accommodation, daily detox/healthy eating plan and meals, morning walks, yoga and meditation (two times a day) sessions, doctor consultation, detox specialist consultation, body composition analysis, raw food workshops, as well as oxygen therapy, turbosonic therapy, biophoton therapy as standard, magnetotherapy, daily colon cleansing without the assist of our medical staff (Angel of Water use), unlimited Turkish bath, infrared sauna, gym, steam room, indoor/outdoor pool use. Additional supportive therapies such as beauty and care therapies (skincare, slimming therapies, massages) are not included in the standard program. It can be purchased in addition to the standard package if desired. Additional protocols and therapies that accelerate the purification and regeneration process can always be taken as an extra on top of the standard program that includes accommodation, daily nutrition plan & meals, and some therapies.

How should I decide which program to attend?

When you arrive at TheLifeCo Wellbeing Akra Antalya center, you will be taken to a presentation by our detox experts, where detailed information about programs and therapies will be shared. You will be deciding on the most suitable program for you through your health form, which you will evaluate with your detox specialist. After the presentation, your detox specialist will share the daily schedule you will follow from arrival to departure. You can choose your program before you come to the center, and you can change your program whenever you want.

What is the right time to start any of the well-being programs at TheLifeCo Wellbeing Akra Antalya?

There is no specific time or season to start the programs. You can start on any date you wish. All centers are open year-round. For your purification process to be more effective and comfortable, we recommend doing a pre-detox 3-4 days before your program. All programs start at 8:00 am at TheLifeCo Wellbeing Akra Antalya centers. For this reason, we recommend making your entrance to the center the night before and resting, and we only charge an accommodation fee for this. We charge according to the number of days you receive the program.

Can I smoke in your facilities?

There is no specific time or season recommended to start the programs. So it all depends on your availability. Our centers are open all year round. We do recommend for you to do a pre-detox at least for 3-4 days before coming to our facilities. All programs start at 8.00 am in the morning. We suggest you arrive the night before you start the program in order to start the morning rested and refreshed. If you arrive the night before you start your detox, you will only pay for the room. The bill will be settled depending on the days of the program you do.

Will I be able to quit my habits such as smoking, alcohol?

Detox and purification programs significantly reduce the desire to consume in habits such as smoking and alcohol. The programs you will receive under the supervision of experts at TheLifeCo Wellbeing Akra Antalya and the therapies offered together significantly eliminate these and similar unhealthy habits.

Are liquid fasting and colon cleansing suitable and safe for everyone?

Liquid fasting; is suitable for everyone after a consultation with a detox specialist and a doctor in our centers. Colon cleansing, on the other hand, is a practical and utterly reliable application for purification.

I have a medicine that I need to take regularly. Can I still detox?

We recommend that you share your medical history with our doctor to make a sound decision. We recommend that you share your medical documents related to your condition with us via e-mail or make a phone call with our doctor and decide on the most suitable program for you.

Can I continue my medication during the program?

You can continue your medication during the detox program. Our experienced detox and well-being experts will evaluate your situation in the best way and determine the most suitable nutrition plan for you.

I'm suffering from diabetes. Can I detox?

Of course, you can. Type-2 Diabetes, which occurs because of an unhealthy diet and habits, is a disease that can be treated with proper eating habits. The duration of the program varies between 7-21 days, depending on the suitability of the person. 7 days is ideal for balancing blood sugar and hormonal levels, 14 days of a "diabetes recovery program" is recommended to get the most effective result. Regular water or liquid fasting is very effective in the healing process of Type-2 diabetes. Our experienced detox and wellbeing experts will evaluate your situation in the best way and determine the most suitable nutrition plan for you. TheLifeCo Wellbeing Akra Antalya centers offer 3 different programs specific to "Diabetes": pre-diabetes program for people with a predisposition to diabetes, Type-2 diabetes recovery program, Type-1 diabetes support program. For detailed information, please visit It will also be helpful to watch the documentary "Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 days" due to its detailed content.

Is detoxing suitable for my skin problems?

Within the holistic health approach framework, cleaning the digestive and liver systems helps eliminate the problems faced by all skin types to a great extent. Our detox specialist will share their suggestions about what you can do after your program without leaving the center.

Are there doctors in your centers?

Yes. When you come to our center, you will be given a detailed presentation by our doctor with a holistic health approach, and the detox specialist will inform you about the programs and therapies applied. Both of our officials will be pleased to assist you with your questions and concerns whenever you need them.

Is it inconvenient to detox while on my period?

There is no harm in detoxing during menstruation. Since the changes you will make in your eating habits during the program will also affect your menstrual cycle, do not worry that your period may be irregular or a little heavier than your usual standards.

I do not have a weight problem; on the contrary, I am pretty thin. Can I still detox?

If you don't have an eating disorder, unhealthy eating habits, or a specific similar health problem, being thin doesn't stop you from detoxing. The primary purpose of the detox is to purify, to remove the long-accumulated residues and toxins in your intestines. At TheLifeCo Wellbeing Akra Antalya, we host many guests who do not have a weight problem or are below the normal range. These people leave the center with positive results after the program they attend. If your weight is well below average values, you can join a program that will be most suitable for you (higher calorie and chewy) with our detox experts.

I'm pregnant. Can I still detox?

The programs we offer at our TheLifeCo Wellbeing Akra Antalya centers are also suitable for pregnant women. By participating in healthy meals with chewy and high nutritional value, you can participate in a program where you can eat healthy and well during your pregnancy. When you come to TheLifeCo Wellbeing Akra Antalya center, the program coordinator will assist you in determining the most suitable program for you.


Are there any things that you absolutely should not do or suggest I should do before my program?

To get the most effective result from your program, we recommend that you apply the pre-detox we sent you before joining the program. Implementing the pre-detox program will make your body alkaline and prepare your body for the program while providing deep purification. If you do not have enough time for a pre-detox, we recommend that you eat according to this guide at least 3 days before your arrival. To get the best results, before the detox; We recommend that you cut out meat, chicken, milk and dairy products, salt, sugar, and sugar-containing foods, and stop consuming caffeine-containing beverages such as tea, coffee, as well as alcohol. You can consume all kinds of herbal teas and eat raw fruits and vegetables as much as possible. Drink as much water as possible, not with meals. Water consumption is significant in the purification process; a person should consume 6% of his body weight every day. (For example, an individual with a bodyweight of 70kg should consume 4.2lt of water per day.)

Why is it essential to prepare your body before detoxing?

Because it will prepare your body before your pre-detox purification process and significantly increase the program's effectiveness, your body, which is in the acidic phase during the pre-detox process, goes into the alkaline phase, that is, the most appropriate state for the purification process. It ensures that the electrolyte store, which gives your body the energy and strength necessary for purification, is filled. If the program is started without proper pre-detox, by trying to get rid of the toxins from the body; Side effects such as headache, tiredness, nausea, diarrhea, and dizziness may occur.

I haven't done a pre-detox. Can I still start my program?

It is essential to have applied pre-detox to make the adaptation process to the detox program easier. If you start the program before you do a pre-detox, you may experience what we call "detox symptoms" more intensely. "Detox symptoms" seen as general reactions of the body during the first few days of your program are also known as "Healing Symptoms." If you have come to the center without pre-detox, starting your program with a green detox nutrition plan will make your transition easier. You can click here to download pre-detox kit.

What should I bring with me?

You can bring your comfortable clothes, sports shoes, sunscreen, and swimsuit that you prefer while doing yoga, meditation, and exercise. You may want to keep your book with you to read with pleasure during your resting time. Do not forget to take your raincoat with you depending on the season of your arrival.

What time should I check-in and check out the hotel?

Our reception is open to your service 24 hours a day. Our hours in the entry-exit process; Check-in after 14:00 noon and exit before noon. However, we would like you to know that we take care to be flexible in terms of hours as long as room availability is available. We recommend that you check in to our facility the night before (after 15.00 if possible) so that you can start your program with a rested and energetic early morning. Since you will be charged for the number of days you attend the program, this extra accommodation will not be reflected in your bill.

Can you replace the daily activities included in your standard package with different therapies?

Unfortunately, we do not have such an option. The activities or therapies included in the standard package are subject to a fixed fee; whether you participate or not will not change the price. Extra therapies are also reflected on your bill. We recommend that you participate in all activities as much as possible. Our Financial Support Policy Even if your invoice will be covered by private insurance and or an institution or organization (according to the laws of your country of residence), TheLifeCo Wellbeing Akra Antalya will address you for the payment, and the billing will be done on your behalf; it does not take any responsibility for the third party.


As TheLifeCo Wellbeing Akra Antalya centers, we would like to share with you the main points that we want you to be sensitive to so that you and your other guests can have a smooth program experience from start to finish. The terms and conditions you will read below apply to the treatment, therapy, and services available at all TheLifeCo Wellbeing Akra Antalya centers.

• If you will receive service at our facility for the first time; You must present your passport or official ID and credit cards during check-in.

• The age of participation in our programs is 18. Upon request, young people aged 16 and over can participate in the program with their parents or an adult approved by them, with the approval of the program coordinators and the facility doctor.

• If for any reason you request accommodation outside TheLifeCo Wellbeing Akra Antalya facility, you must get approval from the program coordinator and the facility doctor.

• TheLifeCo Wellbeing Akra Antalya management; does not accept any responsibility for keeping your valuables, documents, or cash you bring with you on your behalf. Your safe in your rooms is the safest option for your valuables.

• You are responsible for using the parking lot and all the belongings you leave in your vehicle.

• With the understanding of a wellness center; Alcohol and smoking are prohibited in all areas of the facility, including all common areas, therapy buildings, and rooms. You will be held responsible for a rule violation by another guest in your room. We kindly ask you to learn about the particular points determined for smokers from our receptionists.

• During your detox program, your sense of smell will become extremely sensitive to products containing synthetic ingredients. For this reason, for the comfort of both you and our other guests, we kindly ask you to avoid using perfumes and similar scents containing heavy notes, especially in common areas and activities.