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Bridal Shower

A brand-new pre-wedding party special for brides is waiting for you.
Akra Wedding Bridal Shower

An unforgettable party with real friends...

Bride To Be' party, one of the trendy events of recent times and known as Bridal Shower, is organized as a surprise by close relatives or friends of the bride-to-be. We are at your service in Akra for a fun party where bride-to-be is given various gifts.

640 m², Max. 100 People
408 m², Max. 350 People
1300 m², Max. 700 People
129 m², Max. 120 People
129 m², Max. 120 People
255 m², Max. 200 People
800 m², Max. 700 People
374 m², Max. 50 People