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Imagine an unforgettable wedding with a perfect organization designed with elegant details in the charming atmosphere of Akra.
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Open your heart to Mediterranean.

Imagine an unforgettable wedding with a perfect organization designed with elegant details in the charming atmosphere of Akra. Say 'yes' to eternal happiness in the yard with a unique view or elegant ballroom that is diligently decorated in Akra, which is situated in the most beautiful location of Antalya. A dreamy wedding with a professional team and full of privileges is waiting for you in Akra, which offers several venues and concepts to be shaped as you wish.

Online Wedding Consultant

Are you planning to get married soon? Are you tired of doing everything on your own? Or haven't you decided where and how your wedding will be? Making the wedding in your dreams real, AKRA hosts great weddings with its annually-renewed concept. Promising couples an unforgettable wedding ceremony thanks to its modern architecture, fascinating view, flawless service quality, unique catering services and expert teams, AKRA enables you to turn your wedding into a memorable experience while enjoying the privilege of saying 'Yes' to your new life. Please don't hesitate to contact our expert team for all your inquiries on this special night.

General Information

How long ago should I set the date of wedding?
You can make the wedding in your dreams real either in the winter wedding concept on a full-green garden or in the summer wedding concept by the pool or in our ball rooms with a unique panorama against the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. We recommend you to inform our team of the planned date of your wedding ceremony at least 1 year before so that we can plan all things down to the last detail for your special day which takes on a different meaning thanks to the touches of the new-generation hotel-management concept "Urban Social" keeping the feelings and experiences on the frontline.

What should I determine before contacting the hotel?
You should determine the estimated number of guests to be invited, the extensive date range which can be optimized depending on the availability, and your average budget so that our professional team can make all preparations flawlessly.

Are decoration, music and photo shooting included in the organization?
Our hotel provides service including catering services and area utilization, only, in your wedding against the unique view of the Mediterranean Sea. For any other services, you can contact the companies suggested by our well-experienced team.

How many wedding areas do you have?
Couples, intending to celebrate this special day privately with a small group of guests or a huge group of 300 guests, have the opportunity to hold their wedding ceremonies at 5 different areas across the hotel.

How long do the wedding ceremonies last?
Our well-experienced team provides you with service uninterruptedly for 4 hours in your wedding ceremonies at our hotel.

How can I hold my wedding ceremony at Akra Hotel?
Following the first contact with our banquet sales team, we'll listen to your requests and demands carefully, and take the first steps of an excellent wedding together with you.

Do you have a car park area for guests?
We have a car park area with a capacity to have more than 300 cars at Akra Hotels in Antalya.

How should I pay?
You should pay the 30% of the total amount in advance during the contracting phase, and the remaining amount maximum one week before the wedding ceremony. Full pre-payment is required for all events. In case of on-site additional orders, you should pay in cash or by credit card.


Is it possible to hold the wedding ceremony without any catering service?
Gala dinner and cocktail service are provided in all wedding ceremonies at our hotel, meaning that no wedding organization is possible without any catering service.

Menu Selection and Tasting
All wedding menus, prepared elaborately by our chefs exclusively for you, will be presented to your taste. Following menu selection, we'll be waiting for you at out hotel for menu and wedding cake tasting session.
* We would be glad to host you for tasting sessions upon execution of the agreement.

Cocktail Party
Limitless domestic spirits, chips, appetizers and crudités will be served for half an hour before the wedding dinner.
*Pre-wedding cocktail service is applicable if limitless domestic spirits package is purchased.

Wedding Dinner
A menu with Starters, Hot Starters, Main Course and Wedding Desserts is prepared meticulously by our Chefs, and served to appeal to the taste buds of your guests.


Do you provide a honeymoon room for the newly-married couples?
Offering a completely-new luxury concept to its guests with its full-green garden and relaxing atmosphere besides the breath-taking view of the Mediterranean Sea, Akra provides the opportunity to accommodate at the suit rooms for 1 night against the splendid view of the Mediterranean Sea for the newly-married couples who have held a wedding ceremony of minimum 100 guests.

Do you offer discounted accommodation fees for our guests?
Yes, we can offer discounted room fees for your guests. For further information, please contact the sales managers.

Honeymoon Suite
Bride and Groom will be offered with the option to stay at the Honeymoon Suite for 1 night accompanied by a special Honeymoon Suite champagne, delicious treatments and the unique view of the Mediterranean Sea.
*We recommend you to make a room reservation for minimum two nights covering check-in processes for the night before the wedding, and check-out processes for the day after the wedding. This will eliminate the wedding-day stress.

Family Preparation Room
Use of preparation room until the end of the wedding for all preparations of the Bride and Groom's families.

Wedding Package

Wedding Assistant Service
Our Wedding Assistant, who will be at your elbow staring from menu tasting session until the wedding day, will also share your excitement on the wedding day.

Honeymoon breakfast will be served to the newly-married couples at their Honeymoon Suites against the unique view of the Mediterranean Sea with the special presentation by our chefs.

Wedding Anniversary
We host our couples on their first wedding anniversary for 1 night with room, breakfast and accommodation pension to remind them of their happiest times, besides a bonus dinner at Asmani Restaurant on the 10th floor of Akra Hotels.
*Accommodation service is provided depending on the availability

You Had Better to Know
640 m², Max. 100 People
408 m², Max. 350 People
1300 m², Max. 700 People
129 m², Max. 120 People
129 m², Max. 120 People
255 m², Max. 200 People
800 m², Max. 700 People
374 m², Max. 50 People