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Dim River

Places To Visit

Dim River

Location : Antalya

Everyone knows the sweltering heat in Antalya during summer. Swimming in the sea might be a good solution to cool off, for sure. But, what about swimming in Dim River with its ice-cold water?

Dim River, which is approximately half an hour away from Alanya district in Antalya, features a wide picnic area, numerous restaurants and tea shops. Those who love nature sports can also have great time by rafting on the upper side of the dam built on the river.

In addition, Dim Cave, which is referred to as one of the most beautiful caves in Turkey, is located along the road to Dim Stream, and welcomes its visitors throughout the year.

Shortly, Dim Stream will be a good choice to capture photos to collect memories, to take a peaceful nature walk or to enjoy being together with your loved ones during a lovely picnic. However, we recommend you to get there as early as possible as summer is the high season.