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Duden Waterfall

Places To Visit

Duden Waterfall

Location : Antalya

Duden Waterfall is one of the most famous natural beauties in Antalya…

It is divided into two branches including Lower Duden Waterfall located in Lara, which is 8 km away from the city center, and Upper Duden Waterfall located in the upper part of Varsak, which is 8 km away, and both waterfalls flow into Mediterranean Sea.

Lower Duden Waterfall, situated in Lara, is located in Duden Park. There are picnic tables, cafés and walkways on a quite large, lush area in the vicinity of the cliffs.

Upper Duden Waterfall, situated in Varsak, is located in the recreation area, fascinating the visitors with its unique ambiance. There are small bridges and pathways along the waterfall path in the picnic area, which includes an ancient site, mini zoo, souvenir kiosks and cafés.

The large cave neighboring the waterfall allows watching the waterfall pouring from a height of almost 22 meters from different angles, and getting to the backside of the waterfall. Duden Waterfall is in great demand at all times of the year by local and foreign tourists to witness this fantastic view.

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