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To Do in The City


Known as Turkey's tourism paradise, Antalya hosts many activities for adventure lovers as well as nature and history lovers. Canoe is one of the fun nature sports and exploration activities you can do during your Antalya holiday.

For those who want to paddle in open waters such as the sea and lakes, Antalya is a favorite of both local and foreign tourists. It is also the right time to explore the coasts and caves, which you can't access on foot or by boats, by canoeing!

The most famous canoeing route in Antalya is Kekova. You can row in Kekova, bearing the traces of the Lycian Civilization and hosting the first underwater national park in Turkey, against the magnificent view of the submerged Sunken City and Lycian tombs.

Kapuz Canyon is a good alternative for those who want to canoe at a point closer to the center of Antalya. Kapuz Canyon, also called "undiscovered paradise" by the residents of Antalya, presents you all the beauties of nature, accompanied by the scents of exquisite fruit forests.

Everyone can enjoy the nature sport of canoeing if the necessary safety precautions are taken. However, if it is your first time taking a canoeing trip, then you will need a guide for proper guidance. Akra offers its guests unique privileges for canoeing, which will add color to your trip.

Our guests, who will participate in canoeing activities for the first time in Akra and who have been canoeing enthusiasts for many years, can get detailed information about this activity by contacting the Concierge desk.