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Canyon Trip

To Do in The City

Canyon Trip

The natural wonders in Antalya, waiting to be discovered, are too numerous to list. How about visiting the canyons, which we recommend you to visit at least one before leaving?

The canyons, where you will find peace in every inch and each of which is regarded as a hidden paradise, are irreplaceable spots for nature lovers with their fascinating nature, crystal-clear water and thousands of living organisms they embrace.

Retaining its top popularity among many other alternatives, Tazi Canyon is the apple of the eye for both the daily visitors and those visiting to capture photos... Located in Koprulu Canyon National Park, 200 meter-deep Tazi Canyon is flooded by visitors during both the summer and winter.

Other canyons we recommend you to visit:

  • Goynuk Canyon
  • Saklikent Canyon
  • Guver Cliff Canyon
  • Sapadere Canyon
  • Yesil Canyon
  • Kesme Strait Canyon

If you want to include this experience in your vacation memories, you can get detailed information from the Concierge desk.