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To Do in The City


How about making your pleasant vacation in Antalya more thrilling?

The favorable weather and natural rivers of the city ensures a unique environment for the rafting, a great adrenaline-inducing water sport.

Rising from Taurus Mountains and flowing into Mediterranean Sea from the south of Serik after passing through the canyons, which are all wonders of nature, Koprucay also ranks the top among the most important rafting routes in our country. It should be noted that Koprucay, fed by underground waters in the canyons with steep slopes that make climbing virtually impossible, is one of the most beautiful recreation areas in Turkey.

Local and foreign tourists, preferring it for rafting, also have the opportunity to see the natural and historical beauties in Koprulu Canyon National Park that is located in Beskonak Town of Manavgat district. Appealing to the sports, nature and adventure enthusiasts of a wide age range with its safe tracks despite its variable nature, Koprucay allows for rafting nearly 8 months of the year.

The best season for rafting in Koprulu Canyon, which sees a tourist influx especially by foreign tourists in the summer and has become an important part of Antalya tourism, is April - May since it is not crowded and in terms of the water flow.

With numerous spots suitable for rafting due to its geographical location, our country has other rivers suitable for rafting in various regions of Antalya, besides Koprucay. Alara Stream located on Alanya - Guzelbag Road, Manavgat Stream, Dim Stream located 6 kilometers east of Alanya, and Duden Stream located in the city center of Antalya are only some of them.

The rafting routes are determined by professional athletes and guides based on the difficulty levels. Rafting is not dangerous as long as the instructions given by the guide are followed correctly. If you would like to enjoy this thrilling experience on your holiday in Antalya, you can make a reservation by getting detailed information from the Concierge desk of Akra Hotels.