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Skiing At Davraz

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Skiing At Davraz

Davraz, the shining star of the Mediterranean region, is located on one of the highest summits of the Taurus Mountains as one of the leading centers for your winter sports activities such as skiing, snowboard, touring skiing and mountain climbing. Davraz, one of the highest mountains of the Mediterranean region with its highest altitude of 2635 m, is located between the Lakes of Egirdir and Kovada on the Lakes Regions across the Mediterranean Region.

Being convenient for mountain cycling, trekking, paragliding and jeep safari, and especially mountain climbing, Davraz's ski centers, which have been on the rise in recent years, draw a great deal of attention thanks to their easily-accessible locations.

Davraz Ski Center is equipped with both safe tracks for amateur skiers and unique tracks with an average length of 8 to 19 km for professional skiers thanks to the soft texture of the natural setting and excellent snow quality. The altitudes of the ski centers range from 1650 to 2344 m, which are accessible by means of the existing mechanic facilities. Moreover, there is not any risk of avalanche blast or getting lost, which is a great advantage for skiers. The ski center is equipped with a total of 12 ski-tracks with different features. The total length of these 12 tracks is 23,500 m2.