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Skiing At Saklikent

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Skiing At Saklikent

Saklikent, a natural beauty where the mountains meet the sea meet, is located an hour away from Antalya. It is a ski complex built on the northern slope of Bakirlidagi, which is included in the part of Bey Mountains of Taurus Mountains, and consists of 500 chalets and ski resorts.

Saklikent Ski Center is a skiing center with the highest temperature in our country due to its moderate climate, and stands out with the slogan of skiing in the morning, swimming in the sea in the afternoon, especially at the end of February and in March. The temperature in Saklıkent Ski Center, which has a moderate climate when compared to other skiing centers, rarely falls below -5 degrees during the daytime, and an average of 75 days of the skiing season is sunny.

Since Saklıkent Ski Center is located above the forest levels, the ski-pistes are suitable for both beginners and professionals. There is a chairlift with a length of 1400 meters, 2 ski-lifts, 1 baby-lift and snowtubing lift in the ski center.

The snow depth ranges between 100 - 200 cm in average during the skiing season. The season usually opens in December and ends in March. However, the season opens and ends depending on the weather conditions of that year.