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After Party

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After Party

Location : Antalya

The concept of wedding after party, which the couples looking for simplicity and sincerity prefer, is also one of the favorites of the couples preferring Akra...

The pleasure of celebrating this special day with your loved ones at a lower cost and in a more sincere atmosphere is priceless. Throwing a wedding after party, where you will take off your long wedding dress and wear a mini wedding dress and comfortable shoes or flats to move more comfortably and enjoy the night with your loved ones and friends, is now possible. With the change in entertainment habits, the after party concept has surpassed the popularity of crowded weddings and started to rise rapidly.

So, how can you organize this party, where comfort is the key, at Akra? Here are our suggestions:

With an area of 410 m2, Athena Ballroom with the unique sea and mountain view promises you an unforgettable party with every detail thought through by the highly-energetic, professional team of Akra. The options, such as concept of the party, tasty treats and DJ performance, depend on your requests.

In addition, our Penthouse terrace on the 10th floor offers the opportunity to enjoy a great time with your guests, with all the details matching the concept thought through.


The after parties have recently started to be preferred in the evening to continue the entertainment after the wedding reception or event that ends early.