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Before Party

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Before Party

Location : Antalya

In the wedding to-do-list, before party, i.e. bachelorette party, is another trend becoming popular.

As you can guess, wedding preparations can be fun and exciting, but stressful as well. Just then the before party, where you can collect fun and unforgettable memories with your close friends, comes to rescue.

Having become a tradition in some of the foreign countries, before parties have become very popular in our country in the recent years. Whether you or your friends can organize this special occasion, where brides restore energy and refresh one day before their wedding ceremonies, with any concept you wish.

Would you like us to help you choose a concept for an unforgettable before party? For example, a spa plan at TheLifeCo Akra Antalya or a night out at The 251 Soul, where you will enjoy pleasant moments with the live jazz performance, sipping the delicious cocktails…

We must not forget our Penthouse terrace with the great view of the Mediterranean and Bey Mountains. You can enjoy an unforgettable poolside party with your friends on the 374 m2 terrace with the decoration matching the concept and tasty treats.


The fun moments enjoyed at the party are of course unforgettable. However, special favors for this party will put a sweet smile on your face and your friends' faces and keep the memories fresh.

Numerous alternatives, from colorful nail polishes, mini cosmetic sets, towel slippers and gowns with mottos to fun accessories, which all match the concept, have already become indispensable for the parties.


The moments you enjoy the party with your friends must be immortalized. The colorful moments captured by a professional photographer will turn into memories that will be remembered for many years.


Rather than a party the day before your wedding, which will make you feel tired, taking a mini-vacation like a before party one weekend before your wedding and accommodating for 2-3 days with your friends will help you refresh and restore energy.